Let them have cake (and tequila)

1 tequilaGo shorty, it’s our birthday. Go Shorty it’s our birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s our birthday. We’re gonna sip tequila like it’s our birthday and you know we’re gonna give out cake ’cause its our BIRTHDAY!!!

Today, Odd Cafe is a fearless 4 years old and it just so happens that it is #jozionfire tonight. Coincidence? We think not! So you know it’s gonna be a good one! The T’s & C’s & Adventure Man are supplying the entertainment, We will be giving out some of our special birthday cake and thanks to @Texxonfire & #Raybansa you are in for free tequila treats at some point during the night. 

Music. Tequila. Cake (tequila cake mmm now there is an idea)

What more do you need in life?

Come celebrate with us, it’s bound to be EPIC!


Yes, most people can not pronounce this word – 

Ba – the sound a sheep makes

Xo - a click sound followed by a vowel

Xe – another click sound followed by a vowel

Just as hard as it is to pronounce this word, so easy it is to understand its meaning: Chit Chat!

We all do it in some form or another, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or REAL LIFE (which is way better). Baxoxe is exactly that. Chit chat in real life, a platform where creatives can come and share their work in a relaxed environment. It is a fun evening filled with interaction between guests and the audience and who knows you just might learn something.

These creative chit chat sessions happen once a month, on a Wednesday between 19:00 & 20:00, right here at Odd! if you’re not joining in, you’re losing out but at least you can always catch it on Openroom TV

Join us tomorrow night for the next installment of fun


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Soothing Saturday Sounds

Elisha_superstar2Every Saturday from 16:00 we invite you to come and join us as we give up-and-coming artists the chance to treat your ears with their acoustic tunes. Who knows, you might just see the next BIG THING before they hit the Big Time. Blues, jazz, pop, indie, folk, if you can name it we’ve either had it or it’s on the line up. We get local artists from across the spectrum to make sure there is something for everyone.

This Saturday (16 Aug) is no exception. Talent. Talent. Talent!

Elisha Mudly is a gorgeous, young, choreographer, dancer, actor and of course singer who will keep you entertained with her indie-folk-pop tunes, while you think about the important things in life like: ” what should I drink next? ” and “should I make it a double?”

For some of Elisha’s tunes click here

For the Facebook Event click here

After you’ve done both



Looking forward to seeing you @ Odd this weekend

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New Cocktails. New music. New Timeslot

van wyk brand Cocktails and live music go together like “Q” & “u”, Simon & Garfunkel or Braaivleis & Brandy. Lets just say if they were married, they’d make beautiful (drunk) babies.

We’ve always had cocktails and we’ve always had music, but now we are kicking it up a level with fresh new cocktails, young up-and-coming artists and a brand new time slot for our Odd Gigs.

From tonight you will be able to order yourself 500 ml of joy in a jar. Tickle your taste buds with the new Whooptydoo Basil or a How’s about Dem Apples, two taste explosions we came up with ourselves a mere two days ago. As we head towards summer we will create more Odd cocktails for you to enjoy to the sound of music and some great company.

pine en basil apple & ginger










Every Saturday Afternoon, from 4 pm, we will be creating the vibe and all you have to do is phone a friend, get to Greenside and leave the rest to us.


The Line Up for the rest of August look like this

09 Aug – Van Vyk Brand

16 Aug – Elisha Mudley

23 Aug – Stanley June

30 Aug – Go Barefoot

Come and support some local talent while you unwind with a drink (or 6) and shift your slow Saturday into gear with Odd.

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

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You, Me & Coffee


If, like us, the foundation of your food pyramid is Coffee, then we’ve got some good news for you.

Winds of change are blowing at Odd and just before we’re get ready for summer and our brand new mouthwatering cocktails, we are celebrating Women’s month. Your mom, ouma, sister & tannie all appreciate and deserve a good cup of java and now you can come and treat them (and yourself)

For the rest of August we are dropping our coffee prices lower than the temperature to make sure you get your caffeine fix( because who knows what will happen if you don’t)

So lets raise a cup of great coffee to all the women in our life.

Ladies, we thank you


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Roy Gluckman

For the month of July, every Saturday, we will be hosting a series of underground-themed parties . Cosy-ing it up against the cold with heaters, fires and our home made Gluwein.

While you eat, drink and be merry there will be an artist entertaining you with some acoustic tunes

Kicking us off is Johannesburg local, Roy InstaLike Gluckman who can sing the socks off any song and will probably have your girlfriend falling in love.

Entrance is FREE


Booze is BOOZE

And the night is YOUNG

So come join us for a satisfying Saturday @Odd

For Bookings contact: 011 486 3631


Comic App Launch

oDD Café  is again at the cutting edge of trends. A current trend is Comics, comic books and comic apps.  According to Fast Company – “The rise of digital comics, a format ideally suited to tablets and mobile devices, propelled an upstart at the fringes of a fringe industry to the #3 grossing iPad app, responsible for over 50 million downloads last year alone.”

This comic book trend inspired pop culture and fashion designers and has permeated high fashion trends. Pinterest is full of comic fashion boards.

Snakeeyecomix.com is South Africa’s first comic book app. It’s developer and artist Johann hattingh will be launching his comics and his app on Saturday 7th June at oDD Café. Come win a comic T-shirt, drink some wine and hob nob with the creator who is driving this trend is South Africa.

Launch: SnakeEyeComics

Date: 7th June 2014

Time: 18h00

Where: oDD Café, 116 Greenway Greenside

OddCafeInvite telephone number Doc

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