‘Chit Chat’ among creatives. #Baxoxe

Tonight, Wednesday 16 April 2014 at 18h30, Greenside Design Centre hosts the very first session of Baxoxe in collaboration with Odd Cafe and Openroom Productions. From the Zulu word meaning ‘chit chat’, Baxoxe is a platform for creatives to share ideas through ‘chit chat’, and showcase their work to each other and to the world. The event takes the form of two talks from shortlisted creatives, who share on their work, philosophy and inspiration. After each speaker, there will be a half hour discussion on the talk and all this will be chaired by Desmond Laubscher, the founder of Greenside Design Centre.

Baxoxe will be streamed live by Openroom Productions on OpenroomTV for the world to see and engage. Further engagement will happen on Twitter as well, under the hashtag #Baxoxe.

This first ever Baxoxe night will feature two creatives: fashion designer Tzvi Karp who has showcased his work on SA Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and has been featured by many fashion magazines. An alumni of London International School of Fashion (LISOF), Karp styled and designed costumes for the 2013 South African Music Awards and was mentioned as one of Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young Influential South Africans in 2013.

The second creative who will deliver a talk at Baxoxe tonight is Hugh Fraser, a Wits alumni architect who worked in private practice for 20 years. He travelled to 80 countries to record the built environment and currently handles the media for Paragon Architects in Johannebsurg.

Baxoxe is not a freestyle, open mic event nor is it an elevator pitch. It is a showcase of nothing but the best of South African talent; from sharing on a single project to sharing an entire creative philosophy. The talks will be personal, funny, engaging but very different, making each talk like ‘a box of chocolates’. Interested creatives are encouraged to get in touch with Greenside Design Centre to express their interest with a brief bio, a list of projects they have been involved in and a concise outline of their chosen topics.

Baxoxe is a non-profit venture that seeks to facilitate a cross pollination of ideas between creatives and will happen every month between February and December. Greenside Design Centre bears all costs associated with the event: from advertising, logistics, photography to sound equipment. All participants at Baxoxe are not paid, and do it out their love of art and design, and at all events, there will be a donation box to benefit projects from www.10percent.co.za.

Come through and chit chat with great creatives, network extensively and experience some of South Africa’s great talents. Contact Baxoxe organisers from Greenside Design Centre here: marina@designcentre.co.za from Openroom Productions here: carmen@openroom.co.za or from Odd Cafe here: oddcafe.greenside@gmail.com.


Here’s to Long Weekends with Late Night Sundays and Mondays

Hey guys. The erratic power in the last week to two have been really bad. They have interrupted our service now and again, with events being cancelled like this Wednesday’s #LiveMusic performance and the beer tasting we had planned with Devil’s Peak Brewing Company from Cape Town. The Eskom load-shedding and the municipal works in the area have really dealt us low blows and we apologize for this.

We are going to be open for the next two weekends, till late on Sundays and Mondays.

That will be this weekend, Sunday March 16th, 2014 and Monday March 17th, 2014;

and the following weekend: Sunday March 23rd, 2014 and Monday March 24th, 2014.

Cancelled: #UnpluggedWednesdays & #BeerTasting

Hi guys,

We regret to inform you that we are cancelling tonight’s‪#‎UnpluggedWednesday‬ with Stuart Reece and ‪#‎BeerTasting‬ with Devil’s Peak Brewing Company due to power issues.

For the last two days our power supplies have been erratic due to municipal works in the area, and we are uncertain of the power supply tonight so we’d rather hold the event until we are certain there will be no power interruptions. Our apologies for this cancellation.

Team at #oDDCafe