Au Revoir – I had fun

odd graffiti

Dear Odd Friends,


For the past four years art, music, design & food has been my life. What an amazing experience and incredible journey with great people. However the time has come for me to begin a new chapter in my life. As of the 1st of October I will no longer be the owner of oDD Café (but I will always be part of the oDD family).


oDD Café has accomplished SO much in the last four years, yes we’ve been open for FOUR years. We were the first café in the country to combine art , design, music and food. We are really proud of what we have accomplished, specifically on the music side of things in collaboration with Darryl Torr & Openroom, a sound studio on street level, something that has not been done or tried before in SA.


The amount of artists that have walked through our front doors and went on to make a big success of themselves is amazing. We have had emerging musicians, graphic artists, designers and supported small businesses by having pop-up stores. Artists such as  Conrad Bo, from the super stroke movement, Chad Farah & Sarah Britten have all exhibited with us. Beukes & Deleney, Carrie Wolf  and  Paper Plan City are just some of the music success stories.


We created one of the larger graffiti walls this side of Jozi and we have come full circle. We started out with Mars (Who tagged the balconies upstairs) and we ended with him doing a live graffiti show on Heritage Day.


We have been revolutionary, we have been controversial, we were very vocal about the Fankies issue with Woolworth, we supported the 1%. We donated to the twitter Blanket Drive and other charities. We SURE had a lot of fun in the process.


We have been voted as one of the top 10 music venues & one of the top 10 café’s in Jozi, and for that and all our other accolades we are thankful & humbled. We’ve loved what we did and we loved that you were a part of it. The friends of oDD Café have been phenomenal. I have learnt so much from you all and have had lots of fun. It is very sad that I need to leave, but I am excited about the legacy I leave behind for oDD Café. So this is not my goodbye but rather my au revoir, as you will still often see me sipping my soy cappuccino in one of the best spots in Greenside.


Until next time,


Christina Patricios


Paper meets Wood

art-exhibition- (1)

The first bloke who decided to turn tree planting into a special event was a dude named J.Sterling Morton and that was waaaaay back in 1872 in Nebraska, USA. It later on spread world wide and South Africans loved it so much that we  went arbour CRAZY. Now not only do we have an Arbour Day but also an Arbour Week and yes a whole Arbour MONTH.

So arbour day and week has passed but September is not yet over and we are still feeling Tree-inspired.

Come the 19th of September we are turning our oDD little space into a gallery again with the help of 2 artists who’s works doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The one is fine hand crafted works made out of paper & the other robust recycled wood turned into modern beauty. Together they make for an exhibition not to be missed

Come enjoy a free glass of wine while you take in the talent that is Woodlady & Daniel Du Preez.


Woodlady represents simple and robust design that unites recycled wood with straightforward yet refined details to create synergy between function and aesthetics. Behind our wide selection of handmade products is the philosophy that everything deserves a second chance. Woodlady offers a standard range of both timeless and modern wooden furniture.

Daniel Du Preez

Gauteng Local Daniel Du Preez has worked with many mediums ranging from oils and recycled materials to wire and wood. His latest fascination – paper making and paper mache takes form in 3 dimensional pieces with interesting shapes and colours. Encapsulated paper preserved inside of paper, each sheet carefully hand cut and layered to create an unusual and interesting 3 dimensional shape that pull you into a new world.

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Lucy & Leo

Lucy Poster

Lucy Kruger & Andre Leo are touring their way to Jozi, hitting places like Vanwyksdorp & Prince Albert along the way. Now, we usually have live music on a Saturday afternoon but when Lucy and Andre told us they are only in town for ONE NIGHT we said: LET’S DO THIS! So if you didn’t have plans for Wednesday night, you do NOW!

Grab your friends, come grab a drink and be grabbed by the amazing sounds of these Cape Town cool kids

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Land & Ocean


ends and ocean sutherlandOur Saturdays are now becoming a “thing”, yes a THING! If you walk around Greenside around 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon and you here the sound of laughter, music and people having a good time….yeah that’s US!

We get up-and-coming muso’s of all different genres and sizes. Be it a 5 piece or a 1 man band, if you can do it on key and acoustic, we will have you!

This week we are lucky to bring you a little piece of ocean from Cape Town.  Ends and the Ocean is the acoustic solo music project of singer songwriter Devin Harmer, who gave up the Joburg buzz for the Cape chill ( Why Dev, Why?!) He is joined by his friends, Jo’burg-land locals, Sutherland, who between the 3 of them have made almost any kind of music, be it trip hop or contemporary, but together you can expect a more folk-ish sound from them.

Now doesn’t that sound like some serious super-cool Saturday entertainment? YES!

So call your tjommies, Grab your girlfriends and fall in from 4 pm for a GREAT afternoon.

Let them have cake (and tequila)

1 tequilaGo shorty, it’s our birthday. Go Shorty it’s our birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s our birthday. We’re gonna sip tequila like it’s our birthday and you know we’re gonna give out cake ’cause its our BIRTHDAY!!!

Today, Odd Cafe is a fearless 4 years old and it just so happens that it is #jozionfire tonight. Coincidence? We think not! So you know it’s gonna be a good one! The T’s & C’s & Adventure Man are supplying the entertainment, We will be giving out some of our special birthday cake and thanks to @Texxonfire & #Raybansa you are in for free tequila treats at some point during the night. 

Music. Tequila. Cake (tequila cake mmm now there is an idea)

What more do you need in life?

Come celebrate with us, it’s bound to be EPIC!


Yes, most people can not pronounce this word – 

Ba – the sound a sheep makes

Xo – a click sound followed by a vowel

Xe – another click sound followed by a vowel

Just as hard as it is to pronounce this word, so easy it is to understand its meaning: Chit Chat!

We all do it in some form or another, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or REAL LIFE (which is way better). Baxoxe is exactly that. Chit chat in real life, a platform where creatives can come and share their work in a relaxed environment. It is a fun evening filled with interaction between guests and the audience and who knows you just might learn something.

These creative chit chat sessions happen once a month, on a Wednesday between 19:00 & 20:00, right here at Odd! if you’re not joining in, you’re losing out but at least you can always catch it on Openroom TV

Join us tomorrow night for the next installment of fun


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Soothing Saturday Sounds

Elisha_superstar2Every Saturday from 16:00 we invite you to come and join us as we give up-and-coming artists the chance to treat your ears with their acoustic tunes. Who knows, you might just see the next BIG THING before they hit the Big Time. Blues, jazz, pop, indie, folk, if you can name it we’ve either had it or it’s on the line up. We get local artists from across the spectrum to make sure there is something for everyone.

This Saturday (16 Aug) is no exception. Talent. Talent. Talent!

Elisha Mudly is a gorgeous, young, choreographer, dancer, actor and of course singer who will keep you entertained with her indie-folk-pop tunes, while you think about the important things in life like: ” what should I drink next? ” and “should I make it a double?”

For some of Elisha’s tunes click here

For the Facebook Event click here

After you’ve done both



Looking forward to seeing you @ Odd this weekend

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New Cocktails. New music. New Timeslot

van wyk brand Cocktails and live music go together like “Q” & “u”, Simon & Garfunkel or Braaivleis & Brandy. Lets just say if they were married, they’d make beautiful (drunk) babies.

We’ve always had cocktails and we’ve always had music, but now we are kicking it up a level with fresh new cocktails, young up-and-coming artists and a brand new time slot for our Odd Gigs.

From tonight you will be able to order yourself 500 ml of joy in a jar. Tickle your taste buds with the new Whooptydoo Basil or a How’s about Dem Apples, two taste explosions we came up with ourselves a mere two days ago. As we head towards summer we will create more Odd cocktails for you to enjoy to the sound of music and some great company.

pine en basil apple & ginger










Every Saturday Afternoon, from 4 pm, we will be creating the vibe and all you have to do is phone a friend, get to Greenside and leave the rest to us.


The Line Up for the rest of August look like this

09 Aug – Van Vyk Brand

16 Aug – Elisha Mudley

23 Aug – Stanley June

30 Aug – Go Barefoot

Come and support some local talent while you unwind with a drink (or 6) and shift your slow Saturday into gear with Odd.

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

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You, Me & Coffee


If, like us, the foundation of your food pyramid is Coffee, then we’ve got some good news for you.

Winds of change are blowing at Odd and just before we’re get ready for summer and our brand new mouthwatering cocktails, we are celebrating Women’s month. Your mom, ouma, sister & tannie all appreciate and deserve a good cup of java and now you can come and treat them (and yourself)

For the rest of August we are dropping our coffee prices lower than the temperature to make sure you get your caffeine fix( because who knows what will happen if you don’t)

So lets raise a cup of great coffee to all the women in our life.

Ladies, we thank you


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