The Coffee’s On Us

Odd Café declares October odd month. Why? Because the Java’s on us.

October’s just the right time to do something odd. Drive to work using a different route; buy flowers for someone you don’t know; or learn to do chocolate sculptures. Just shake it up and do something odd to celebrate the deliciousness of life.

We’re also celebrating October by doing something different and will be giving away a free cup of coffee to you when you buy meal of your choice if you give us your name, address, email and mobile number for our newsletter. That way we can stay in touch with you and tell you about our art shows, promotions, and competitions. And you get a free cup of coffee  with your meal.

Our coffee is made from the finest African beans that are expertly roasted and made into the perfect cup by our trained barristers. So come on over to Odd Café at Shop 1, 116 Greenway Street in Greenside for a free cup of delicious coffee with your next meal to celebrate ‘odd month’. Remember to find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @oddcafe to win great prizes and for more tasty surprises.


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