Souled Out Exhibition @ Odd Cafe

Exhibition Duration: 02.10.2010 – 10.10.2010

Address: oDD Cafe, Shop 1, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa

Photos by Derek Smith

Odd Café in Greenside will be hosting Souled Out; a graffiti-inspired exhibition. The exhibition will showcase a group of Johannesburg-based graffiti artists and illustrators/designers as well as live performances by local B boys and live drawing to be performed by the artists on exhibition. The opening is on Saturday 2 October 2010 from 09h00 to 19h00 with performances beginning at 17h00 at Odd Café, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside. For more information call Odd Café on +27(0)11 486 3631 or email

Odd Café opened only a month ago in the creative hub of Greenside. Each month Odd Café will be hosting and exposing the talents of unique artists and designers and providing a platform for them to promote their work.

Photos by Derek Smith

The café is a postmodern dream (or nightmare) with its amazingly quirky décor, unusual and strangely delicious menu, great coffee and a downstairs exhibition space. The owner, Christine, aims to promote the spirit of “adaptive reuse”. She has reinvented materials, such as cargo palettes to suspend the light fittings or the sacks that contained the coffee beans to upholster the chairs and even somebody’s front gate has become an ornate banister. The walls have been etched into with humourous definitions of “Odd Taal” and the tables alone are a “feast for the eyes”. Her interest in graffiti lies in the way that the artists adapt their surroundings to transform and create art in the public sphere.

Souled Out is an exhibition that consists of artists all deeply rooted in traditional graffiti with a solid Hip Hop base. One might consider moving into a gallery space as selling out and, as far as galleries go, graffiti art is considered outsider art, better yet it should stay where it belongs – outside. This is why the artists have chosen to break down some boundaries and exhibit art inspired by the visual aesthetics of graffiti. And, let’s get real around here; even graffiti artists need to eat so take this unique opportunity to broaden your art collection with unique work created by artists, whose trade has become more widely seen than most art in galleries, yet entirely temporary in nature.

Photos by Derek Smith

If graffiti is what you want to see, you don’t have to go far to see their work. The façade of the building in which the exhibition takes place has been painted by the artists themselves. In keeping with the theme of “adaptive reuse” you can also check out a vintage Merc, just around the corner at the car dealership. Either way, this exhibition aims to bring “the outside” in and turn it inside out.
(Written by Juliet White)

GROE uses spray paint on canvas to create what he describes as abstract wildstyle letter-forms based on his signature style. His letters aim to visually abstract and evolve to the point that they take on character,movement and emotion of their own. Although this is his trademark, the design and general form may change due to the nature of freestyle (improvised painting). Each work progresses in the way that Groe adds something unique and different by drawing on his immediate surroundings or state of mind.

MARS is a graffiti artist and designer and has used spray paint on canvas for this exhibition. The main focus of the work he created for this exhibition is abstract letterbased flowers. The concept of traditional still life subject matter, seen in any home combined with the usually controversial graffiti art seen outside on the streets creates a dynamic clash of genres. By taking both graffiti art and traditional flower painting out of their natural environments and remixing them, he has created what he describes as something classy with a bit of street cred.

NIC HOOPER is an illustrator, graffiti artist and motion designer. For this exhibition he has used skateboards as the surface for his creations. His passion lies in making interesting visuals. He has been in the motion design industry for the last two years, after studying multimedia design. Although this is the first time exhibiting work to the public, he has been doing graffiti for the last ten years and has been drawing his whole life. He says that as with most of the best things in life, it started just for fun and ended up engulfing his whole life. The self-proclaimed South African earthling also runs Shake Well Designs with artist, Tanner Peters.

TANNER PETERS has used mostly found objects and surfaces for this exhibition. He studied fine art, paints graffiti and currently runs the Johannesburg graffiti-based company, Shake Well Designs, in partnership with fellow artist Nic Hooper. His work has to do with the shapes, movement and flow of the genre and how they come together on a static surface. He explores these elements in other figurative images like animals or skulls. The curves and tapering of the horns are inspired by the linear flow and style of graffiti. He breaks down the graffiti style of drawing and applies the methods to other formats and visually appealing forms.


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