Odd Café declares love on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day may be banned in the Russian city of Belgorod, but back home in South Africa a passionate celebration is definitely on the cards at Odd Café. Fast becoming a favourite for Jo’burgers who embrace café culture, Odd Café’s delicious food, eclectic décor and vibrant art shows is making people fall in love with Greenside all over again.

Odd Café has declared February the month of love and are inviting the passionate people of Jozi to bring in their declarations of love which will be displayed in the restaurant. The best love letter for the month of February will winner a romantic dinner for two at Odd Café.

“In the email and Twitter generation we’d like people to pick up a pen and paper and take the time to write a letter to someone they love,” says Christina Patricios, the owner of Odd Café. “After all if it wasn’t for the English author, philosopher and poet Geoffrey Chaucer we wouldn’t even be celebrating this special day of love.”

Anyone who’s ever studied English at school or University will know that the father of literature is famous for his work The Canterbury Tales. What few people know is that Chaucer is the person to thank for turning the commemoration of a Christian martyr called Valentine into a day when people can celebrate their love for each other with letters, gifts and anonymous notes.

“We want to celebrate the poetic and romantic beginnings of Valentines Day by getting people to call on cupid as a muse and to declare their love for people who mean much,” says Patricios. To participate in the declaration of love all people have to do is to bring their love letter to Odd Café at Shop 1, 116 Greenway Street in Greenside, Johannesburg.

Odd Café will put on a Valentine’s Feast on Saturday the 12th of February 2011 just ahead of Valentine’s Day which this year falls on a Monday. “What a disappointment that Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, which means that it is back to work for everyone on cupid’s special day. But we’re having a bumper Saturday with music, street art and our very own cupid who will wander through the main street in Greenside with tasty morsels and surprising treats.”

New additions to Odd Café’s absolutely mouth-watering menu include:

– Home made gnocchi (which contrary to popular belief isn’t pronounced ga-knock-ki but noh-kee). The softest potato dumplings will be served with a choice of different sauces. These sauces are the classic pesto, gorgonzola and pear, and lemon and sage.

– Carpaccio – the thinnest slices of the best beef fillet drizzled with the finest olive oil and topped with parmesan cheese, greens, and cracked black pepper.

The day wouldn’t be complete without the gourmet burgers that locals are head over heals about. “Our gourmet burgers are the best in town, in fact we’re so fiercely jealous of our reputation for serving the most delicious hamburgers that we’re willing to eat our words if anyone finds a better hamburger in Greenside.”

So come on down to Odd Café this Saturday and put that to the test and while you’re at it bring a love letter to pin to the wall so everyone in Greenside will know who you adore.


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