Pop Culture Art show on till end April 2011

From the Beatles to John Lennon, Lady Gaga to Elvis Pressley, Madonna and the Looney Tunes, celebrity and popular culture is becoming an integral part of society and life. Up and coming artist Chad Farah’s visual expression of how humanity lauds cultural icons is premiering at Odd Café in Greenside, Johannesburg and will be on show to the public until the end of April 2011.
“Who can say their life hasn’t been touched in some or other way by a celebrity or icon?” says Farah, who is 22 years old and holding down a day job while trying to establish himself as an artist. “What I have explored in my show is the construction of popular culture and the types of images that are so pervasive in our lives, media and consciousness.”

Farah says people won’t come to the show and find deep hidden meanings in his art. “What you see is very much what you get, and the art speaks more to the depth of this celebrity culture and how it doesn’t have significant or deeper meaning.”

The emerging artist’s style has been described as fresh, contemporary and modern. Farah uses oils and water colours and has pioneered what he feels is a distinctive style for his work. “All my art contains a drip effect which is deliberate and planned. This first showing also pioneers a new medium that I believe is a breakthrough and which I haven’t seen used in local art before. All I can say is that people can look forward to seeing something that is edgy, new and unconventional.”

Christina Patricios, owner of Odd Café says that she relishes taking a risk in launching Farah’s work. “Johannesburg needs to celebrate its young artists and to offer them venues to take their craft to the city.” Patricios says that Odd Café was all about championing local art.

“I believe we need to take chances on unknown entities in order to create a vibrant Jozi art scene and to broaden the city’s palate and appreciation for art. There are so many talented young people who don’t get the opportunity to show the world who they are and to express themselves through their craft to a wider audience. At Odd Café we want to change that and to make a space where emerging artists feel supported, and nurtured and promoted. That they have a place that gives them an opportunity to take their art to the city.”

Odd Café is creating a name for itself by showcasing a wide array of local art. The gourmet café, come art house, come meeting place for city people has already had a graffiti exhibition and showcased a Superstroke art exhibition.

“Odd Café is all about the unexpected. When it comes to food we do comfort with a surprise or a little twist and the same goes with the art that we exhibit. We believe that complacency and mediocrity kill experience and we’re all about creating a feast of news and bold experiences that make people hungry for life.”

“Pop goes your culture” By Chad Farah
Dates: On exhibition until Thursday 30 April 2011 at Odd Café
Time: 09h00 to 20h00 daily or until the café closes.
Address: Shop1, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside Johannesburg
Phone: 011 486 3631


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