Performance Art @ Odd Cafe

“Physical Theatre…the performer must have the ability to be both sculptor and sculpture.  In short, our actor-creator must be an artist, and an artist creates.  While reflecting on everyday experiences our artist confronts universal themes.  Life.  Death. War.  Peace. Love. Lust. Poverty. Hunger. Injustice. Environmental issues.  In short, all of life’s transitions’ and social conflicts that reveal our innermost desires, fears and ideas about human condition and the world in which we live.”  – MARK BAUMAN

Celebrate the lunar eclipse at Odd Cafe when music, movement and expression collide. We’ll have 15 performance artists at the cafe on Wednesday 15 June (the day before Youth Day) from 18h00 to 21h00. Join us for an evening of fun, wonder and the most surreal view of the moon you’ll see in the longest time. Our wonderful winter menu will be on offer with baked bobotie (a delicious favourite); chicken curry with samp; flavourful soups and the most delicious winter sweet treats.

Can’t wait to see you all there!


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