Comfort food comes to Greenside’s Odd Café

Wicked white chocolate cheese cake, a baked bobotie pie, thick and spicy soups, heart warming curries with samp. These are just some of the delicious news twists that Odd Café have brought to the café’s soulful winter menu.

It’s that season just after Autumn and just before Spring when you pull out your woolies, warm blankets and hot water bottles. Although the weather’s a little chillier and somewhat bleaker, Greenside’s Odd Café will be warming people’s hearts and souls with a new winter menu that’s all about indulgent comfort food.

“Winter is a time to bring out the spices, boboties, samp, full rich chocolate and to create foods that do more than nourish but that add enjoyment to life,” says Christina Patricios, founder of Greenside’s Odd Café which has become a runaway success with foodies and fashionistas in Jozi.

“Our new menu includes a baked bobotie that is made from a wonderful old Cape recipe, so it packed with flavour and the most delicious aromatic spices, but of course because it is at Odd Café there is a tasty new twist. The difference is that our bobotie is baked in a pie with a crispy flaky pastry crust that you have to crack open before the wonderful aroma hits you,” says Patricios who adds that the bobotie pie is such a winner it is often sold out.

“There are a couple of thick, hearty soups which include a velvety beetroot borsch and a spicy butternut soup with watercress pesto. We also have a butternut, sweet potato and cherry tomato quiche that’s become a fast favourite,” she says. Patricios says that Odd Café’s success has been driven but sourcing the finest ingredients, creating tastes that linger and delivering on the detail. “It is about getting the small things right, but also about putting a beautiful dish in front of a customer that delivers deliciousness right through to the last bite. People come back here because they dream of our food, love our vibe and feel at home at our restaurant.”

What would winter be without decadent deserts, and Odd Café has added a range of new cakes, tarts and biscuits onto the menu that are truly sinful. “Winter’s a time to enjoy life a little more so we’ve brought out the rich chocolates, the butter, the sugar and fresh vanilla pods to whip up some wonderful sweet treats. People are dying for our white chocolate cheesecake which comes in individual servings and is very rich and velvety. We serve it with a berry coulis that cuts through the richness and refreshes the palate. We find that the tartness of the berry combines beautifully with the smooth, denseness of the white chocolate cheesecake,” says Patricios.

Odd Café’s winter menu will warm customers’ hearts and souls until the first warmth reappears in spring.


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