SA Premier of Asaf Asulin’s “Partying Apart” at Odd Café

A story that focuses on the human themes of loneliness and longing, Israeli born poet and film maker Asaf Asulin’s film – “Partying Apart” – will be shown for the first time in South Africa by Odd Café, Greenside in Johannesburg this Saturday 27 August 2011. Because the film has been used to express the human experience of isolation and has been used as a part of social protest in Israel, no charge will be levied for the film. The film, which is just under half an hour long, will be shown from 11h00 till late, every hour at Odd Café.

“When I first wrote ‘Partying Apart’ my goal was

Asaf Asulin

to make a film about parties. I felt that it was the most interesting way to represent my feeling toward my generation,” says Asulin speaking from Israel. “The young generation in its 20’s and 30’s is confused and lost as opposed to the previous generation of our parents, which already got married and had found their path by the time they were our age.”

“The world today is much more confusing for my generation, because we are a generation of people who try to find themselves and take the time to deal with questions of relationships, marriage and purpose. Young people seek happiness inside their hearts and not just through the society they live in. We are a generation of true individuals,” says film maker Asulin.

Still in his twenties, Asulin comes from Ra’anana, a cosmopolitan city in the central district of Israel that is well populated by high technology companies like HP, SAP and Microsoft. Situated about 15km outside Tel Aviv, Ra’anana is relatively small city with a population of less than 70,000 people. A film school graduate who teaches film work to students at a high school in Tel Aviv, technology enables Asulin to bring his art to the attention of people around the world. His work has captured the attention of film great Charlie Kaufman.

Asulin created a poem inspired by Kaufman’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Kaufman liked the poem so much he put it on his Website. Kaufman is the legend who wrote the screenplays for “Adaptation” and “Being John Malkovich”.

Screenshot from Partying Apart

“Partying Apart” is being used in social protests in Israel says Asulin. “These days Israel is experiencing the biggest social protest and surprisingly the people who started this protest are young individuals who for years knew only how to talk about themselves. They now see that they are a group and that they have the power to band together to ask for what they deserve. They ask our country (Israel) to be kind and human toward our generation, which no longer wants to be a slave to the consumer culture, like our parents. They want the economy to be patient to the people who don’t know at the age of 30 and 40 what they want to do with their life,” says Asulin.

“My film is not a protest film, but it shows the young people before the protest in Tel-Aviv and how lost this generation really is.”

“Partying Apart” by Asaf Asulin
South African premier at Odd Café
Address: Odd Cafe, Shop 1, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside, Johannesburg
Date: 27 August 2011
Time: From 11h00 every hour on the hour till late
Entrance: Free
For information call the café on +27 11 486 3631


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