Odd Café’s Pop-Up Store goes Mustard

Mustard Vintage Pop Up Store

Store-within-a-store concept comes to Greedside’s Odd Café which is supporting entrepreneurialism, emerging fashion and the global trend to a new type of shopping with a pop-up store on the 1st of September 2011 from 16h00.

Greenside, Johannesburg, Tuesday 30 August 2011 : Spring is upon us! Finally shedding the drab winter weather and its dark heavy tweeds for sunshine, flowers, lighter fashion and lots of smiles. What better way to do this than indulging in shopping for high fashion in the comfort of a delicious side-walk café at oDD Café? In the spirit of all things Spring and Summer, Odd Café will be hosting a pop-up store on the 1st of September 2011, from 16h00 with Mustard Vintage.
True style is timeless and survives all fashion trends. This is the concept of the Mustard Vintage brand which is the brain-child of urban wisdom incarnates: style savvy Rory and Reece.
The duo has a complimentary partnership whose personalities work seamlessly to deliver style in a way that has not been seen before. Their eye for detail sets the Mustard Vintage brand miles apart from other fashion brands because each fashion item is individually picked and represents a reflection of Mustard’s soul. Moreover, the fashion items are more than just stylish garments. They are timeless, quality, fashion forward adornments that will certainly set you apart from everyone else.
The brand specializes in sourcing and selling vintage fashion items catering for both men and women’s fashion. Items include bags, luggage, shoes, belts, hats and clothing. For over a year and a half, Mustard Vintage has been selecting second hand fashion pieces from England. From that camel skin vintage bag to that vintage tweed coat or the iconic two-tone brogues you’ve always wanted, these are the guys to consult. Interesting materials and prints like checks and floral prints will take you back into time.
The cherry on top – the prices are reasonable! With only two stores in the country, situated in Johannesburg and Durban, you know that you will definitely stand out when you go Mustard Vintage. The pop up store will start from 16h00 till late as is the norm; and Rory and Reece will be there to take you through their merchandise.
The oDD Café Pop Up Store will continue to happen twice every month. Its drive remains to be that of providing our patrons, new and old, with cutting edge fashion trends that defy the odds, all in the comfort of oDD Café. The Pop up store concept still aligns to local fashion outlets and designers who exhibit just that extra ingredient that will make you the oDD-1-Out!


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