Mike O’Brien Launches today

Odd Café, Greenside showcases the photographic genius of Mike O’Brien 

22 September 2011,
Greenside, Johannesburg.
Some people speak better behind a lens. Mike O’Brien is one of  those people, but his ‘voice’ is one of pure genius. Odd Café presents the photographic  genius of Mike O’Brien in a multi-themed photo exhibition. The exhibition, part  of Odd Café’s drive to support local art and artists, will officially be launched on Thursday 22 September 2011 at the Greenside home of Jozi art, music, design and delicious food. Odd Café is situated at 116 Greenway Rd, Greenside,Johannesburg.

O’Brien’s work is inherently but distinguished by a sense of  perfection. His photographs express a world seen in panoramic view, with crisp edges, high definition and exacting edges. It is O’ Brien’s eye for the minutiae other miss, understanding of light and what it does to his subjects and ability to present the familiar as new that defines O’Brien’s photography.

Some photographs from his creative collection juxtapose themes that may otherwise not be considered related. Like a bicycle on a mine dump. Or a model in couture in a dilapidated deserted house. Odd concepts such as these, partnered with his genius behind the lens make for breathtaking work. O’Brien’s themes of are urban, human or  natural and speak to both city life and our yearning to return to nature.

O’Brien’s background in graphic designing affords him a unique perspective and sets him apart from other artists. His design work extends beyond photography and includes design for the likes of Michelangelo Towers, Adidas, Oaklands Estate, Nabygelegen Private Cellar; to mention a few.

By hosting exhibitions such as these, Odd Café continues to champion local artists and local art. Interested and emerging artists can contact Christina Patricios on the email, Christina@oddcafe.co.za  for more information regarding exhibitions and Odd Café’s artist’s network.


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