Odd Café celebrates understated revolutions

22 October 2011, Johannesburg, Greenside. The Arab Spring has captured the news headlines and the worlds imagination, as has the #occupy movement which is currently making noise. But what of the quiet revolutions that transform arts, culture, and music?

Just as the fire in Egypt ebbed after Mubarak’s ousting, and South Sudan’s cessation, and change is coming to Libya too, the arts landscape is being forever altered by the quite revolutions. Music gets redefined, painters and artists speak in a different voice and photographers focus their lens in a different light – cultural expression is redefined and transformed. This change, a cultural revolution, is what will be celebrated on the 22nd of October at The Odd Café Revolutionary Party II from 11h00 till late!

Rastafarian revolutionaries Bob Marley and The Wailers will be the soundtrack of the day. From morning at 11h00, live reggae music from talented artists will be featured. The music will go on throughout the day and the playlist will feature cover versions of your favourite reggae artists including Marley, Eric Clapton, Lucky Dube and UB40. True to the spirit of the day will be a spit braai set on the patio with tender lamb roasting slowly over the coals. In the most South African way possible, this will indeed, be the highlight of the menu offerings for the day.

Someone once said that the act of drinking craft beer is a radical statement against all badly brewed beverages. In this light, the Odd Café Revolutionary Party II will be serving craft beers from local and international microbrewers breweries to support the move to unseat brewing monoliths. Drayman’s Brewery and Distillery is one such microbrewer. A Gauteng based brewery with fine workmanship, offering a “true, all-natural beer, craft-brewed in the finest old world traditions” that reflects the brewer’s art and is pure drinking pleasure, says Moritz Kallmeyer, the founder of the brewery. A great selection of his beers will be served and these include Altstadt Weissbier, Goblin’s bitter, Berghof, Dussel Altbier and Emperor Indian Pale Ale.

 Drayman’s Brewery’s craft beer

The Odd Café Revolutionary Party II is not just a celebration of quiet cultural revolutions. It is also a call for awareness of these quiet revolutions, and the change they fuel that redefines cultural landscapes. It is a call to recognize and celebrate the ripple effect of revolutions, worldwide.


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