Greg Carlin and Zahn Rust, “ Cultural landscapes, Personal elements”

November 12, oDD Cafe, 116 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg. Two emerging local artists, Zahn Rust and Greg Carlin, premier their work at oDD Café with express the inner and outer landscapes of urban life. The two artists show ironic ties between their works through a contrast of their individual styles and medium through to their surprisingly similar result. Rust and Carlin will exhibit their work in the art space at oDD Café on November 12th, 2011 from 18h00.

Rust’s work stands out in its appeal to the personal and innermost element. Beyond the wild graphics lay an illustration of her past, which is her inspiration. “Childhood memories, specifically objects and places,” she said. Further than that, her workchallenges the very concept of illustration. The way she layers emotion and presents abstract meaning is evidence of her nostalgia. In this very essence of her work, she presents a reflection of self. She has a BA in Fine Art with Stellenbosch University and is currently working on her MA in Illustration.

Carlin’s work, through the numerous themes, is a visual exploration of cultural landscapes that define humanity. He explores the carnal entity of humanity and through collages gives a striking visual that reconstructs reality. He uses the lens to capture moment and express character, whether it be in Soweto, on tour with his band Zebra & Giraffe or just his muse, Emma. The engagement with Carlin’s work is a visual tease and through this external, he leads the viewer to engage with the internal. “My  images are informed by the aesthetics I developed during my years of study”  says the Tuks alumni who completed a degree in Fine Art and an Honours in Drawing.

The result that these two artists both achieve is they present a dreamy realm within which the viewer not only further engages with their work but also with their own selves. This engagement, unravels the reconstruction of reality, ever so present in their work. Rust with her soft strokes but wild graphics, and Carlin with his visual urban edge.

The art space at oDD Café continues to be dedicated for the promotion of the work of local artists. Through the promotion of local art with such initiatives the concept of oDD Café manages to realise the dream of its proponents. Interested artists can get in touch with Christina Patricios on


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