oDD Cafe ushers in 2012

The rise and rise of the underdog to make a difference within their sphere of influence was the order of last year. In Egypt, Tunisia, London, Israel and Iraq, revolutions made the year and even in 2012, change continues to be the pulse of life globally. In the same spirit, Odd Café ushers in 2012.

The traditions that have come to define the Odd Café brand will continue to be revolutionized in the year 2012. Unplugged Wednesdays will continue to provide a platform for upcoming artists. The common denominator between all the artists that will perform will continue to be originality, quirkiness, honesty and talent. 2011 saw the artistic genius of Michael, The Horizons, crowd favourite Embesa, Frankie Beagle and Edouard Privat. The artists got great exposure and some sold their albums. 2012 will be no different as a lot more new artists will be given the platform to promote their craft.

Image    Image

The Odd Café artspace that spans through to the basement will continue to be maximised for the promotion of the work of local artists. Last year saw the launch of a couple of local artists who included Mike O’Brien, Zahn Rust, Conrad Bo, Greg Carlin and Chad Farah. This year will showcase work from a medley of local artists who express different themes on different media.


The famous white chocolate cheese cake

Food, as much as art, music and design continues to be the crux that defines Odd Café. 2011 had the Odd Café patronage raving about the Odd Burger and the Babelas burger. The winter menu featured hearty comfort food like the Bobotjie pie and a summer menu that included the chicken burger with peach or guava relish and the Spanakopita, with some of these even being showcased on SAFM’s Lifestyle show. 2012 has already cracked with an introduction of menu items for breakfast and lunch. Even in 2012, food at Odd Café continues to be a creative endeavour, as is any other art form and that resonates with every menu item.

ImageThe international Pop Up Store phenomenon which locally started at Odd Café and took the country by storm will continue in 2012. Fashion designers and other fashion stores will continue to have space to sell their merchandise at the Odd Cafe Pop Up Store. Last year’s inaugural pop up store was Een Design Studio and after that, the concept went viral. Duncan Stevens, Joy, Mustard Vintage, to mention a few, showcased their work too.  Further than that, the Pop Up Store phenomenon spread throughout Johannesburg! The night shopping on Greenway was also another successful concept that promoted the street culture in Greenside. With most of Greenway Road establishments joining in the fun, the events were a success. Live music, late night shopping and eating and dining till late awoke the street to the charm of collaborative initiative and incredible street culture.

Image     Image

Support for the underdog has been in the core of Odd Café’s operations. Microbreweries have had their range of beers on sale at Odd Café and this support continues into 2012. Drayman Breweries in Pretoria and De Garve Brewery & Trading in Vanderbijlpark continue to be on Odd Café’s list of local microbreweries. 2012 will see the introduction of a range of retro soft drinks from Frankies Soft Drinks in the KZN Midlands. In 2012 therefore, Odd Café continues to associate itself with underdogs of great talent, workmanship and passion.

In the spirit of all things creative, Odd Café will establish many other new traditions that will enhance a better connection with the patrons and brand ambassadors. With respect to food, art, music and fashion, Odd Café will feature collaborative endeavours that will further enrich that Odd Café experience. 2011 was the year of social change and the rise of the underdog, 2012 will continue in that spirit of continually revolutionizing all the elements that grew the Odd Family in 2011.


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