The Low Tea

Greenside’s Odd Café launched a Food Revolution called TASTE in Johannesburg starting with a ‘Low Tea’ last Sunday on the 11th March 2012.

Everything is done differently at Odd Café and the TASTE ‘Low Tea’ was no different. Dressing up the Odd Café food experience with the coarse natural provisions of Mother Nature, the Odd Café Low Tea was set on rustic reused tables. Using a wooden trolley from reclaimed Oregon pine and a concert of different textures including hessian sack, cotton and reclaimed wood, the Odd Café Low Tea was a tea ceremony that certainly altered many perceptions on food and presentation.

The story behind the Low Tea was one of redefining Taste by stripping right down to the essentials and building up from there, in the simplest and yet tasteful way possible. A selection of herbal teas was served from a garden with a selection of spices and fruits to complement the teas. There is no better way to savour not only the goodness but also the vitality of healthy herbal tea than simply making it straight from the plant yourself.

The dishes were twisted and turned around, as only Odd Café knows how to, to breath taking, drool-worthy dishes that made Twitter abuzz with the hashtag #OddCafeLowTea. Delectables included The Open Sandwich Royale: Rolled cucumber with mint and cottage cheese dusted with biltong, the piece de resistance Matcha Green Tea cake, a selection of flat breads, quiches, cheese pies, truffles… the list goes on!

The tweeps!

The pinnacle of the Odd Café Low Tea was not just the food but also the characters that shared in this ceremony. Many of whom are patrons and some of whom had been meaning to experience Odd Café and some who had not! In essence, some of our Twitter, Blogosphere and Facebook friends enjoyed the incredible work of Christina and her team. The Mad Hatter Tea Party has nothing on Christina’s Low Tea!


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