#oDDTweetAndCook with Sarah Britten

Another breezy Sunday with a creative, cooking utensils and good chilled fun. The last Sunday of March (25th) and we are graced with the presence of creative strategist, journalist, tweet-star and Land Rover brand ambassador, Sarah Britten (needless to say she has so much feathers in her cap she could make a chicken envious!). We invited Sarah to join us for the second #oDDTweetAndCook and spending time with her was incredible fun. We discovered that over and above her penchant to wordplay is also a complement of copious amounts of lipstick. She is a painter and uses lipstick for her illustrations! Now that’s a #Mover&Shaker if we know one! Keep it logged guys, we are planning big things with Ms. Britten around her art and a local charity. Otherwise, check out the photos from the #oDDTweetAndCook where she and Johann made The Spanish Vegetarian Breakfast – Ciabatta (White bread in pumps), Scrambled eggs (better made when you separate whites and yolks first before scrambling), Roast pepper & Onion & lightly fried haloumi.

Sarah , Twitter handle @Anatinus, strikes a pose 🙂

Simple to make - Ingredients for the Spanish Vegetarian Breakfast made at the #oDDTweetAndCook

Sarah in action. How about that rather graphic apron, Ms. Britten? Very festive,

...and voila!


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