Catch you on the flipside in 2014,


To the #oDDFamily (that is all of you our dearest friends, patrons, artists, musicians and foodies);

We are officially closed for 2013. The year has been full of triumphs, challenges, momentous occasions and freaking good parties. We have laughed, cried, partied, marvelled and lazed together, and before we knew it, the year’s almost over! We have not been spared of the good old quiet revolutions, and we continue to celebrate these too.

So as we take a break, let’s reflect on 2013. Let’s take it all in and get ready for the coming 2014. We made it count, and the coming year will be a triumph too!

Thank you for your support and patronage, your always welcome feedback, your being there with us through thick and thin. You made it all possible, and it is you all who make oDD Café odd. You are forever awesome and we are grateful to have you!

So party hard and rest well (only we in South Africa know how to do this). We’ll catch you on the flipside in 2014.

Much Love,

Christina & Team

P/S: Here’s a track to take you through your New Year celebration:


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