Beer Tasting: Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

We won’t even tell you about the craft brewing movement and the many craft beers that have graced us. Some have come and gone and some have had better staying power. We are grateful to the guys who brought craft beer into the South African mainstream, Rui Esteves and Brad Armitage, with Germanic marvel Brewers & Union. What they did for us all was bring to the fore the charm of unchartered territories when it comes to beer consumption, opening wide the floodgates of microbreweries all over South Africa. 

A couple of years later, there exists an incredible community of budding micro brewers across the country and craft beer festivals throughout the year. Beer culture has never been this curated as we have seen in many beer festivals recently. It’s marvellous!

This Wednesday, we have a bumper #UnpluggedWednesdays. To complement the live music performance from Stuart Reece, we will be hosting a beer tasting session from the brewing genius of Devil’s Peak Brewing Company (DPBC). The beer tasting session will not only introduce you to DPBC’s work, but will also come with valuable information on food pairings, for the beer connoisseur and for anyone else interested in beer.

DPBC started off in repsonse to the growing beer culture in South Africa. Firmly rooted in Cape Town, (yes, the name is from the mountain summit in CT), Devil’s Peak Brewing set to defy beer culture trends, charter exciting new developments in beer brewing. The idea is to create an experience like no other, to expand the mind through educating the palate.

Taking from the American modern beer brewing techniques, and from the traditional Belgian style brewing, DPBC’s path to discovery is a meeting of tradition and modernity. The focus of the entire process, from collecting the best hopps right down to dispatch is to ensure that the contents of each bottle represent the best beer experience. In short, “what’s inside the bottle that takes precedence over everything else.”

The Capetonians at DPBC are also laid back individuals for whom beer culture, much like wine culture, enjoys the paradox of a pedantic finesse in the brewing process, and the most laid back of attitudes in experiencing the finished product. That being said, they do abide by their ten craft beer commandments:

1. Beer should not be drunk from the bottle

2. Pale lager is not the only style of beer

3. Sniff before sip

4. Honour thy hops

5. The recipe is king

6. Do not covet they neighbour’s draft – share

7. Appreciation is in the eye of the beholder

8. No two beer styles are alike

9. Worship is reserved for rare styles

10. Resist the ordinary

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