Comic App Launch

oDD Café  is again at the cutting edge of trends. A current trend is Comics, comic books and comic apps.  According to Fast Company – “The rise of digital comics, a format ideally suited to tablets and mobile devices, propelled an upstart at the fringes of a fringe industry to the #3 grossing iPad app, responsible for over 50 million downloads last year alone.”

This comic book trend inspired pop culture and fashion designers and has permeated high fashion trends. Pinterest is full of comic fashion boards. is South Africa’s first comic book app. It’s developer and artist Johann hattingh will be launching his comics and his app on Saturday 7th June at oDD Café. Come win a comic T-shirt, drink some wine and hob nob with the creator who is driving this trend is South Africa.

Launch: SnakeEyeComics

Date: 7th June 2014

Time: 18h00

Where: oDD Café, 116 Greenway Greenside

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