Yes, most people can not pronounce this word – 

Ba – the sound a sheep makes

Xo – a click sound followed by a vowel

Xe – another click sound followed by a vowel

Just as hard as it is to pronounce this word, so easy it is to understand its meaning: Chit Chat!

We all do it in some form or another, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or REAL LIFE (which is way better). Baxoxe is exactly that. Chit chat in real life, a platform where creatives can come and share their work in a relaxed environment. It is a fun evening filled with interaction between guests and the audience and who knows you just might learn something.

These creative chit chat sessions happen once a month, on a Wednesday between 19:00 & 20:00, right here at Odd! if you’re not joining in, you’re losing out but at least you can always catch it on Openroom TV

Join us tomorrow night for the next installment of fun


By Odd Cafe, Greenside, JHB Posted in Food

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