Land & Ocean


ends and ocean sutherlandOur Saturdays are now becoming a “thing”, yes a THING! If you walk around Greenside around 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon and you here the sound of laughter, music and people having a good time….yeah that’s US!

We get up-and-coming muso’s of all different genres and sizes. Be it a 5 piece or a 1 man band, if you can do it on key and acoustic, we will have you!

This week we are lucky to bring you a little piece of ocean from Cape Town.  Ends and the Ocean is the acoustic solo music project of singer songwriter Devin Harmer, who gave up the Joburg buzz for the Cape chill ( Why Dev, Why?!) He is joined by his friends, Jo’burg-land locals, Sutherland, who between the 3 of them have made almost any kind of music, be it trip hop or contemporary, but together you can expect a more folk-ish sound from them.

Now doesn’t that sound like some serious super-cool Saturday entertainment? YES!

So call your tjommies, Grab your girlfriends and fall in from 4 pm for a GREAT afternoon.


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