Paper meets Wood

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The first bloke who decided to turn tree planting into a special event was a dude named J.Sterling Morton and that was waaaaay back in 1872 in Nebraska, USA. It later on spread world wide and South Africans loved it so much that we  went arbour CRAZY. Now not only do we have an Arbour Day but also an Arbour Week and yes a whole Arbour MONTH.

So arbour day and week has passed but September is not yet over and we are still feeling Tree-inspired.

Come the 19th of September we are turning our oDD little space into a gallery again with the help of 2 artists who’s works doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The one is fine hand crafted works made out of paper & the other robust recycled wood turned into modern beauty. Together they make for an exhibition not to be missed

Come enjoy a free glass of wine while you take in the talent that is Woodlady & Daniel Du Preez.


Woodlady represents simple and robust design that unites recycled wood with straightforward yet refined details to create synergy between function and aesthetics. Behind our wide selection of handmade products is the philosophy that everything deserves a second chance. Woodlady offers a standard range of both timeless and modern wooden furniture.

Daniel Du Preez

Gauteng Local Daniel Du Preez has worked with many mediums ranging from oils and recycled materials to wire and wood. His latest fascination – paper making and paper mache takes form in 3 dimensional pieces with interesting shapes and colours. Encapsulated paper preserved inside of paper, each sheet carefully hand cut and layered to create an unusual and interesting 3 dimensional shape that pull you into a new world.

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