Au Revoir – I had fun

odd graffiti

Dear Odd Friends,


For the past four years art, music, design & food has been my life. What an amazing experience and incredible journey with great people. However the time has come for me to begin a new chapter in my life. As of the 1st of October I will no longer be the owner of oDD Café (but I will always be part of the oDD family).


oDD Café has accomplished SO much in the last four years, yes we’ve been open for FOUR years. We were the first café in the country to combine art , design, music and food. We are really proud of what we have accomplished, specifically on the music side of things in collaboration with Darryl Torr & Openroom, a sound studio on street level, something that has not been done or tried before in SA.


The amount of artists that have walked through our front doors and went on to make a big success of themselves is amazing. We have had emerging musicians, graphic artists, designers and supported small businesses by having pop-up stores. Artists such as  Conrad Bo, from the super stroke movement, Chad Farah & Sarah Britten have all exhibited with us. Beukes & Deleney, Carrie Wolf  and  Paper Plan City are just some of the music success stories.


We created one of the larger graffiti walls this side of Jozi and we have come full circle. We started out with Mars (Who tagged the balconies upstairs) and we ended with him doing a live graffiti show on Heritage Day.


We have been revolutionary, we have been controversial, we were very vocal about the Fankies issue with Woolworth, we supported the 1%. We donated to the twitter Blanket Drive and other charities. We SURE had a lot of fun in the process.


We have been voted as one of the top 10 music venues & one of the top 10 café’s in Jozi, and for that and all our other accolades we are thankful & humbled. We’ve loved what we did and we loved that you were a part of it. The friends of oDD Café have been phenomenal. I have learnt so much from you all and have had lots of fun. It is very sad that I need to leave, but I am excited about the legacy I leave behind for oDD Café. So this is not my goodbye but rather my au revoir, as you will still often see me sipping my soy cappuccino in one of the best spots in Greenside.


Until next time,


Christina Patricios


Choc Musik

We know its freezing so to keep you warm and cozy we have created a hot chocolate with Nachtmusik,  sprinkled crushed biscuits on top. Indulge you senses. Smell the aroma. Taste comfort. Experience a delicious life.

Great reviews so far.

Choc musik

#ODDCafeCares with twitter blanket drive

Winter has officially arrived in SA and while we sip hot chocolate, cappuccino and and delicious warm soup others are freezing. oDD Cafe again will be involved with the Twitter Blanket Drive (@TBDAfrica) to spread some warmth to others more needy.



Spread the word at your home or office and collect as many blankets as possible.
Drop off the blankets between 26-29 May from 7am and 9pm.
Share pics of your donations using the hashtags, #ODDCafeCares and #TBD2014

Get a free cuppuccino for your effort

The #TBD2014 official handover of all blanket donations to the selected Non-Profit Organisations will take place on Thursday 29 May.

And thanks to you for caring and spreading the #ODDCafeCares

Life’s Delicious


oDD Cafe team



Tonight (23 October) for #AcousticWednesday from 19h00

Call 0114863631 for bookings

and “like their facebook page to get more updates on other gigs but this band

Acoustic Trio oDD Cafe



Yes, it is true Jozi On Fire will be held on Monday 23 September due to the public holiday on Tuesday (yay, more recovery time!)

This month, oDD Cafe, Openroom & Ray-Ban present Trevor Rebello & Gangsterdam! What an amazing line up!!! We start the show off at 8pm, but remember to get there early as there are no table booking for Jozi On Fire.


Date :          Monday 23rd September

Time:           20:00 – Late

Where:        116 Greenway, Greenside

Greg Carlin and Zahn Rust, “ Cultural landscapes, Personal elements”

November 12, oDD Cafe, 116 Greenway, Greenside, Johannesburg. Two emerging local artists, Zahn Rust and Greg Carlin, premier their work at oDD Café with express the inner and outer landscapes of urban life. The two artists show ironic ties between their works through a contrast of their individual styles and medium through to their surprisingly similar result. Rust and Carlin will exhibit their work in the art space at oDD Café on November 12th, 2011 from 18h00.

Rust’s work stands out in its appeal to the personal and innermost element. Beyond the wild graphics lay an illustration of her past, which is her inspiration. “Childhood memories, specifically objects and places,” she said. Further than that, her workchallenges the very concept of illustration. The way she layers emotion and presents abstract meaning is evidence of her nostalgia. In this very essence of her work, she presents a reflection of self. She has a BA in Fine Art with Stellenbosch University and is currently working on her MA in Illustration.

Carlin’s work, through the numerous themes, is a visual exploration of cultural landscapes that define humanity. He explores the carnal entity of humanity and through collages gives a striking visual that reconstructs reality. He uses the lens to capture moment and express character, whether it be in Soweto, on tour with his band Zebra & Giraffe or just his muse, Emma. The engagement with Carlin’s work is a visual tease and through this external, he leads the viewer to engage with the internal. “My  images are informed by the aesthetics I developed during my years of study”  says the Tuks alumni who completed a degree in Fine Art and an Honours in Drawing.

The result that these two artists both achieve is they present a dreamy realm within which the viewer not only further engages with their work but also with their own selves. This engagement, unravels the reconstruction of reality, ever so present in their work. Rust with her soft strokes but wild graphics, and Carlin with his visual urban edge.

The art space at oDD Café continues to be dedicated for the promotion of the work of local artists. Through the promotion of local art with such initiatives the concept of oDD Café manages to realise the dream of its proponents. Interested artists can get in touch with Christina Patricios on

Odd Café celebrates understated revolutions

22 October 2011, Johannesburg, Greenside. The Arab Spring has captured the news headlines and the worlds imagination, as has the #occupy movement which is currently making noise. But what of the quiet revolutions that transform arts, culture, and music?

Just as the fire in Egypt ebbed after Mubarak’s ousting, and South Sudan’s cessation, and change is coming to Libya too, the arts landscape is being forever altered by the quite revolutions. Music gets redefined, painters and artists speak in a different voice and photographers focus their lens in a different light – cultural expression is redefined and transformed. This change, a cultural revolution, is what will be celebrated on the 22nd of October at The Odd Café Revolutionary Party II from 11h00 till late!

Rastafarian revolutionaries Bob Marley and The Wailers will be the soundtrack of the day. From morning at 11h00, live reggae music from talented artists will be featured. The music will go on throughout the day and the playlist will feature cover versions of your favourite reggae artists including Marley, Eric Clapton, Lucky Dube and UB40. True to the spirit of the day will be a spit braai set on the patio with tender lamb roasting slowly over the coals. In the most South African way possible, this will indeed, be the highlight of the menu offerings for the day.

Someone once said that the act of drinking craft beer is a radical statement against all badly brewed beverages. In this light, the Odd Café Revolutionary Party II will be serving craft beers from local and international microbrewers breweries to support the move to unseat brewing monoliths. Drayman’s Brewery and Distillery is one such microbrewer. A Gauteng based brewery with fine workmanship, offering a “true, all-natural beer, craft-brewed in the finest old world traditions” that reflects the brewer’s art and is pure drinking pleasure, says Moritz Kallmeyer, the founder of the brewery. A great selection of his beers will be served and these include Altstadt Weissbier, Goblin’s bitter, Berghof, Dussel Altbier and Emperor Indian Pale Ale.

 Drayman’s Brewery’s craft beer

The Odd Café Revolutionary Party II is not just a celebration of quiet cultural revolutions. It is also a call for awareness of these quiet revolutions, and the change they fuel that redefines cultural landscapes. It is a call to recognize and celebrate the ripple effect of revolutions, worldwide.

Mike O’Brien Launches today

Odd Café, Greenside showcases the photographic genius of Mike O’Brien 

22 September 2011,
Greenside, Johannesburg.
Some people speak better behind a lens. Mike O’Brien is one of  those people, but his ‘voice’ is one of pure genius. Odd Café presents the photographic  genius of Mike O’Brien in a multi-themed photo exhibition. The exhibition, part  of Odd Café’s drive to support local art and artists, will officially be launched on Thursday 22 September 2011 at the Greenside home of Jozi art, music, design and delicious food. Odd Café is situated at 116 Greenway Rd, Greenside,Johannesburg.

O’Brien’s work is inherently but distinguished by a sense of  perfection. His photographs express a world seen in panoramic view, with crisp edges, high definition and exacting edges. It is O’ Brien’s eye for the minutiae other miss, understanding of light and what it does to his subjects and ability to present the familiar as new that defines O’Brien’s photography.

Some photographs from his creative collection juxtapose themes that may otherwise not be considered related. Like a bicycle on a mine dump. Or a model in couture in a dilapidated deserted house. Odd concepts such as these, partnered with his genius behind the lens make for breathtaking work. O’Brien’s themes of are urban, human or  natural and speak to both city life and our yearning to return to nature.

O’Brien’s background in graphic designing affords him a unique perspective and sets him apart from other artists. His design work extends beyond photography and includes design for the likes of Michelangelo Towers, Adidas, Oaklands Estate, Nabygelegen Private Cellar; to mention a few.

By hosting exhibitions such as these, Odd Café continues to champion local artists and local art. Interested and emerging artists can contact Christina Patricios on the email,  for more information regarding exhibitions and Odd Café’s artist’s network.

Comfort food comes to Greenside’s Odd Café

Wicked white chocolate cheese cake, a baked bobotie pie, thick and spicy soups, heart warming curries with samp. These are just some of the delicious news twists that Odd Café have brought to the café’s soulful winter menu.

It’s that season just after Autumn and just before Spring when you pull out your woolies, warm blankets and hot water bottles. Although the weather’s a little chillier and somewhat bleaker, Greenside’s Odd Café will be warming people’s hearts and souls with a new winter menu that’s all about indulgent comfort food.

“Winter is a time to bring out the spices, boboties, samp, full rich chocolate and to create foods that do more than nourish but that add enjoyment to life,” says Christina Patricios, founder of Greenside’s Odd Café which has become a runaway success with foodies and fashionistas in Jozi.

“Our new menu includes a baked bobotie that is made from a wonderful old Cape recipe, so it packed with flavour and the most delicious aromatic spices, but of course because it is at Odd Café there is a tasty new twist. The difference is that our bobotie is baked in a pie with a crispy flaky pastry crust that you have to crack open before the wonderful aroma hits you,” says Patricios who adds that the bobotie pie is such a winner it is often sold out.

“There are a couple of thick, hearty soups which include a velvety beetroot borsch and a spicy butternut soup with watercress pesto. We also have a butternut, sweet potato and cherry tomato quiche that’s become a fast favourite,” she says. Patricios says that Odd Café’s success has been driven but sourcing the finest ingredients, creating tastes that linger and delivering on the detail. “It is about getting the small things right, but also about putting a beautiful dish in front of a customer that delivers deliciousness right through to the last bite. People come back here because they dream of our food, love our vibe and feel at home at our restaurant.”

What would winter be without decadent deserts, and Odd Café has added a range of new cakes, tarts and biscuits onto the menu that are truly sinful. “Winter’s a time to enjoy life a little more so we’ve brought out the rich chocolates, the butter, the sugar and fresh vanilla pods to whip up some wonderful sweet treats. People are dying for our white chocolate cheesecake which comes in individual servings and is very rich and velvety. We serve it with a berry coulis that cuts through the richness and refreshes the palate. We find that the tartness of the berry combines beautifully with the smooth, denseness of the white chocolate cheesecake,” says Patricios.

Odd Café’s winter menu will warm customers’ hearts and souls until the first warmth reappears in spring.

Performance Art @ Odd Cafe

“Physical Theatre…the performer must have the ability to be both sculptor and sculpture.  In short, our actor-creator must be an artist, and an artist creates.  While reflecting on everyday experiences our artist confronts universal themes.  Life.  Death. War.  Peace. Love. Lust. Poverty. Hunger. Injustice. Environmental issues.  In short, all of life’s transitions’ and social conflicts that reveal our innermost desires, fears and ideas about human condition and the world in which we live.”  – MARK BAUMAN

Celebrate the lunar eclipse at Odd Cafe when music, movement and expression collide. We’ll have 15 performance artists at the cafe on Wednesday 15 June (the day before Youth Day) from 18h00 to 21h00. Join us for an evening of fun, wonder and the most surreal view of the moon you’ll see in the longest time. Our wonderful winter menu will be on offer with baked bobotie (a delicious favourite); chicken curry with samp; flavourful soups and the most delicious winter sweet treats.

Can’t wait to see you all there!