Land & Ocean


ends and ocean sutherlandOur Saturdays are now becoming a “thing”, yes a THING! If you walk around Greenside around 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon and you here the sound of laughter, music and people having a good time….yeah that’s US!

We get up-and-coming muso’s of all different genres and sizes. Be it a 5 piece or a 1 man band, if you can do it on key and acoustic, we will have you!

This week we are lucky to bring you a little piece of ocean from Cape Town.  Ends and the Ocean is the acoustic solo music project of singer songwriter Devin Harmer, who gave up the Joburg buzz for the Cape chill ( Why Dev, Why?!) He is joined by his friends, Jo’burg-land locals, Sutherland, who between the 3 of them have made almost any kind of music, be it trip hop or contemporary, but together you can expect a more folk-ish sound from them.

Now doesn’t that sound like some serious super-cool Saturday entertainment? YES!

So call your tjommies, Grab your girlfriends and fall in from 4 pm for a GREAT afternoon.


Let them have cake (and tequila)

1 tequilaGo shorty, it’s our birthday. Go Shorty it’s our birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s our birthday. We’re gonna sip tequila like it’s our birthday and you know we’re gonna give out cake ’cause its our BIRTHDAY!!!

Today, Odd Cafe is a fearless 4 years old and it just so happens that it is #jozionfire tonight. Coincidence? We think not! So you know it’s gonna be a good one! The T’s & C’s & Adventure Man are supplying the entertainment, We will be giving out some of our special birthday cake and thanks to @Texxonfire & #Raybansa you are in for free tequila treats at some point during the night. 

Music. Tequila. Cake (tequila cake mmm now there is an idea)

What more do you need in life?

Come celebrate with us, it’s bound to be EPIC!

Mothers Day at oDD Cafe



Crayfish tails or Seasonal Greens and Herb Salad


Selection of curries, rice and sambals
1. Green Curry (Vegetable) or
2. Yellow Curry (Chicken) or
3. Red Curry (Meat)


Indulgent Chocolate Brownie with a Berry Sorbet & Crystalised Rose petals

R 200.00 pp

Danika Corrall will be playing the violin between 12h00 and 15h00

The #oDDTweetAndCook

On Sunday the 5th of February we hosted the inaugural #oDDTweetAndCook with quirky blogger Dale Imerman of the Mojodojo fame. The concept was really to have fun with food out on the patio! Dale and Johann (one of our managers) made the breakfast sensation: the Leaning Tower of oDD, right outside on the patio, while tweeting about it! It was incredible! Oresti was there with his Nikon D90 snapping photos while Christina, Marie and some patrons looked on, threw in a suggestion or three! Here are some of the photos from the event:






For more photos from the event, check our oDDTweetAndCook – 1 set on Flickr:

BAG IT at oDD Cafe!

Our newest additions to the menu, The oDD version of the Eggs Benedict and the Phyllo Parcels are part of the BAG IT oDD deal! Scan this QR code and get a voucher! This is some serious ‘curl-your-toes’ goodness at a promotional price!

ImageBreakfast – The oDD version of the Eggs Benedict:

oDD Cafe  has gone purple for our  2012 breakfast special.


2 poached eggs on seeded bread ,layered with honey- glazed brinjal, topped with lemon zest and blueberries.


Lunch – Phyllo Parcels

Try something different!


Blue cheese and mango chutney wrapped in phyllo parcels served on a bed of seasonal greens with nut dukha and cherries.

Holiday Break

Dear all oDD Friends.

We are closed from the 22nd December to the 5th January. Whew what a great year and we need a bit a a rest. Thanks to ALLLLLLL our amazing oDD friends for your support. We love you.

Happy Holidays to all and may you have a safe and rested time.

Life’s delicious.

Christina Patricios

Chevolution – A documentary on the iconography of Che Guevara

Tribeca Review: Chevolution

Director: Luis Lopez, Trisha Ziff

Genre: Documentary

Date: 20 September 2011

Where: oDD Cafe, Shop 1, 116 Greenway Greenside.

Call: 011 4863631 for bookings

Even if you don’t have any idea who Che Guevara is, you probably know what he looks like. His face has graced everything from t-shirts to bikinis to cigarette packs to beer. You know he’s a symbol of … something. But you’re just not quite sure what.

So, who is Che Guevara? And how did that picture of him become so damned famous? Those questions, and other issues, are addressed in the excellent documentary Chevolution, which debuted at Tribeca on Friday.

In the documentary, producer/director Trisha Ziff and director Luis Lopez explore the Che phenomenon from all angles, including the revolutionary’s early life, his fateful encounter with Castro, the Cuban revolution he helped make happen, to his life trying to foment revolutions in other countries. But it also examines how he crossed paths with photographer Alberto Korda, the fashion photographer/photojournalist who took the famous picture of Guevara that was the basis for the icon we know today.


The story of Che, Korda, and the photograph that started it all is told via archival footage and photographs, some light narration, and interviews with people from all walks of life. We hear from some of the people who traveled with Guevara in South America, where he was a medical student who saw the suffering of the poor and wanted to do something to help them. They also speak to some of the photographers who, along with Korda, documented Che’s rise to power after the revolution he and Castro began in Cuba was a success. They also speak to Korda’s daughter, Diana Diaz, who’s protecting the legacy of her father’s most famous work, Jon Lee Anderson, a biographer of Che’s life, and a range of people who have been influenced by Che, positively (Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, for instance), negatively (Cubans who hate what Che stands for), and everything in between. more……