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Dear Odd Friends,


For the past four years art, music, design & food has been my life. What an amazing experience and incredible journey with great people. However the time has come for me to begin a new chapter in my life. As of the 1st of October I will no longer be the owner of oDD Café (but I will always be part of the oDD family).


oDD Café has accomplished SO much in the last four years, yes we’ve been open for FOUR years. We were the first café in the country to combine art , design, music and food. We are really proud of what we have accomplished, specifically on the music side of things in collaboration with Darryl Torr & Openroom, a sound studio on street level, something that has not been done or tried before in SA.


The amount of artists that have walked through our front doors and went on to make a big success of themselves is amazing. We have had emerging musicians, graphic artists, designers and supported small businesses by having pop-up stores. Artists such as  Conrad Bo, from the super stroke movement, Chad Farah & Sarah Britten have all exhibited with us. Beukes & Deleney, Carrie Wolf  and  Paper Plan City are just some of the music success stories.


We created one of the larger graffiti walls this side of Jozi and we have come full circle. We started out with Mars (Who tagged the balconies upstairs) and we ended with him doing a live graffiti show on Heritage Day.


We have been revolutionary, we have been controversial, we were very vocal about the Fankies issue with Woolworth, we supported the 1%. We donated to the twitter Blanket Drive and other charities. We SURE had a lot of fun in the process.


We have been voted as one of the top 10 music venues & one of the top 10 café’s in Jozi, and for that and all our other accolades we are thankful & humbled. We’ve loved what we did and we loved that you were a part of it. The friends of oDD Café have been phenomenal. I have learnt so much from you all and have had lots of fun. It is very sad that I need to leave, but I am excited about the legacy I leave behind for oDD Café. So this is not my goodbye but rather my au revoir, as you will still often see me sipping my soy cappuccino in one of the best spots in Greenside.


Until next time,


Christina Patricios


Odd Café reinvents interior design

Playful use of culture, adaptive re-use, recycling and the championing of local art creates an intriguing and definitive look for Odd Café that gets people talking and puts Greenside’s newest eatery come art house come café on the map.

Walk in

Old meets new and is reborn at Odd Café in Greenside where green, recycled and adaptive reuse were the watchwords of the art restaurant’s décor. “Adaptive reuse puts a refreshing new tone on today’s design,” says Christina Patricios, founder of Odd Café that is situated in Greenside Johannesburg. “From Newtown to Braamfontein what we are seeing is that instead of bashing old buildings down, they are being reused, refreshed and adapted for modern use. Adaptive reuse is all about respecting and working with the old, but changing it in ways so that it is right for modern living.”

Odd Café is fast becoming a favourite on South Africa’s cultural and foodie map because of its imaginative décor and because the Greenside café promotes emerging local art forms and artists. It’s also finding favour because it appeals to environmentally conscious consumers. “At Odd Café we were very careful about not just taking the easy route and getting in new shop fittings and furniture. I’ve always been fond of earthy things, wood, old things and combining old and new. In the café we use old milk pails, old tea cups and I find it is important to bring these elements into an environment where they will be used instead of sitting on shelves, collecting dust.”

Another area of reinvention for Patricios was the quirky use of decoupage on Odd Café’s tables. “Decoupage has a very old fashioned connotation, but instead of using the classic style we got fun comics and used this in our decoupage which lends a funky, humorous and quirky look into the café.” Another talking point at Odd Café is a big, red telephone booth waiting for Clarke Kent types to re-imagine themselves. “The telephone booth speaks to our brand and is reminiscent of Lady Gaga and her ability for reinvention. It’s whacky and out there and that speaks to who we are as a brand,” says Patricios.

Lighten up

A split level café walking down the stairs there’s a balustrade that screams Bez Valley chic. “What we did for the balustrade was to trawl Bez Valley until we found these garden gates that dated back to the sixties that we absolutely loved. It brings good old Jozi culture right into the heart of our café.”

Odd Café’s shelving has been created with old industrial pallets that have been erected with chains, and the café’s bulk heads were all reclaimed wood that had been gotten from scrap yards and repurposed. “Even the parquet flooring was second hand and came from an old shop. We just found it, collected it and then repurposed it so that it could live again.”

An eatery come art house that promises to show people how to live a delicious life, Odd Café is all about tasting new flavours while remembering soul food that makes you feel good. “Its about coming into a place and feeling yourself again, about savouring the flavours and smells of home but at the same time discovering gorgeous new art, design and music. We wanted Odd Café to be a place where people could bring old friends and discover new ones and experience all the deliciousness that life has to offer.”

Other décor features at Odd Café is a bench made out of recycled paper that can be moulded into six different styles, and chairs that are over fifty years old and have been freshened up with bold new colours. The outside of the café is studded with coloured potted herbs that are used for cooking and garnishing, and which lend colour the pavement.

Chill @ Odd Cafe

Then when you move inside there’s graffiti and a wall that has an inventive language chiselled into it. This is what Odd Café calls ‘Odda Tala’ or the odd language that is spoken in the café. “People love this and they say that it inspires them and motivates them because together with the décor it sparks new ideas. People see it very much as a place with a creative buzz.”

New art movement’s luminaries showcased at Odd Café

Superstroke art by Conrad Bo

Leading local artists who are forging a bold, expansive new art movement will showcase their work at Odd Café in Greenside Johannesburg on Saturday 06 November 2010 from 10h00. Created by Conrad Bo in 2008 the Superstroke Art Movement is gaining attention because of the distinctive, expressive and at times violent brushstrokes used in some of the artwork.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Superstroke founder Conrad Bo together with May Wentworth, Greg Simmonds, Liezel Botes, and Jaco Erwee. A core belief of The Superstroke Art Movement is that “Art feeds Art” and that exploration of the 20th and 21st century art movements are necessary to take art to a new level.

The Superstroke movement was conceived as a reaction to the significant impact the Superflat movement has had on contemporary art and popular culture. Created by Takashi Murakami Superflat’s Japanese post modernism took the world by storm with its strong Manga and Anime influences.

The key difference between Superflat and Superstroke is the subject matter and texture of the art. Superstroke is characterized by bold, expressive and even violent brushstrokes where as Superflat is predictably flat and smooth.

After founding the Superstroke movement, Conrad Bo created a manifesto for the art which in part states that paintings can be executed in both the abstract and figurative, that subject matters such as Africa, light, dark, life and death are encouraged and that collage, stencil and calligraphy may be used for impact. The manifesto encourages artists to always strive for paintings rich in texture with excessive brush or pencil strokes.

Superstroke art by Conrad Bo

The founder of Odd Café says that Greenside’s newest design, foodie and art café is promoting the exhibition to encourage the love of local culture and art. “The first thing we did when we moved into our premises on 116 Greenway Street, Greenside was to paint a massive mural on the street facing side of the building. We did this to debunk the myth that graffiti is vandalism. We wanted to show how graffiti can beautify urban life,” says Christina Patricios, owner of Odd Café.

“Promoting Superstroke is important to us because it is all about getting people to know about an African art movement that is evolving and expanding right on our doorstep,” says Patricios. “Odd Café is not just about coffee or comfort food – we want to play an important role in championing contemporary art and local pop culture. This country has an abundance of emerging talent and we feel part of our role in creating a thriving café is to showcase the artistic skill that should be shaking up our world.”

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For more information about this exhibition visit the Odd Café Blog or Odd Café’s Facebook page.  To read more about the artists and the Superstroke Art Movement go to:

Odd Café – life’s delicious


call/  +27 11 486 3631


address/ oDD Cafe, Shop 1, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Odd Café Greenside opens doors

Greenside’s new Odd Café delivers a delicious life created by an infusion of tastes, sights and sounds through café culture, comfort food with a twist, new taste explosions, as well as showcasing emerging art and music.

Greenside, Johannesburg – Saturday 23 October 2010: Greensides culinary and cultural landscape has changed with the opening of Odd Café, a new design, art, café culture, coffee and Mediterranean taste sensation which seeks to bring Jozi residents a delicious experience of the best that life has to offer.

“It’s all about a multi sensorial experience, yet making people feel at home,” said Christine Patricios wife of well known media and marketing research man Oresti Patricios who is the financial backer behind this project. “People want a destination where they can experience more than just flavour and taste. We offer café culture and an al fresco eating experience where people can taste a wide range of tapas topped with the finest imported and local ingredients, Mediterranean flavours and comfort food with a new twist that creates a bang for the taste buds by combining old familiars with a new zing,” said Patricios.

But you won’t just find some of the tastiest café flavours and the best African beans made into fine coffee variations by a trained barista, a central feature of Odd Café is showcasing emerging art and design, and creative reuse and recycling which is a feature of the Greenside café’s interior.

“We realize that people want to experience more than just food when they go out, they want to be stimulated with new sights and sounds, to learn something, to experience more,” said Patricios. “Johannesburg has a plethora of undiscovered talent an our café provides the perfect space to showcase these young and emerging creators with design and objets d’art that are available to browse and buy.” Patricios said that the café is purposefully keeping mark ups on these sales marginal, so as to encourage people to better get to know young, emerging artists.

“We’ve also changed the look of Greenside with the creation of a huge work of graffiti that has transformed the building we’re in from a bland part of the landscape into a beautiful work of art,” said Patricios adding that she was aware that the move was a controversial given that graffiti is often a misunderstood art form. “At Odd Café we’re all about infusing the old with the new, mixing up heritage with new thoughts and creativity. The graffiti took four days to do and our graffiti artist used over a hundred cans of spray paint to make the street art come alive on our three story building. As it was going up the whole neighbourhood was intrigued about it, but the result has been incredibly positive. People in Greenside love the new look.”

Art and graffiti aside, Odd Café is inspired by the café culture of New York infused with the tastes of Spain, Italy and the good old home cooking you’ll find in any Greek family worth its salt in South Africa. “It’s all about the best bread, cheeses, meats, olive oil, chocolate and chilli with a taste twist. For instance we have a sublime banana rippled boccaditto (Odd Café muffin) that’s sweet and infused with just a touch of chilli so that it tickles your palate. Our dream is all about creating unique flavours and experiences that people can share with friends. It’s about life really and memories. It’s about wanting more, wanting that which is delicious.” These taste sensations are supported by the best coffee you’ll taste in Johannesburg courtesy of specially selected African coffee beans that are expertly roasted and made into a wide range of coffees by trained barristers. “It’s our homage to the growing appetite that people in Johannesburg have developed for great coffee. You can’t have a café without serving brilliant coffee, in Jozi that’s an absolute must,” said Patricios.

Odd Café is situated at Shop 1, 116 Greenway, Greenside and the telephone number is +27 11 486 3631.

More information on Odd Café and the flavours sites and sounds that infuse this tasty tapas café can be found at

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2. Odd Cafe exterior

3. Odd Cafe interior

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