Au Revoir – I had fun

odd graffiti

Dear Odd Friends,


For the past four years art, music, design & food has been my life. What an amazing experience and incredible journey with great people. However the time has come for me to begin a new chapter in my life. As of the 1st of October I will no longer be the owner of oDD Café (but I will always be part of the oDD family).


oDD Café has accomplished SO much in the last four years, yes we’ve been open for FOUR years. We were the first café in the country to combine art , design, music and food. We are really proud of what we have accomplished, specifically on the music side of things in collaboration with Darryl Torr & Openroom, a sound studio on street level, something that has not been done or tried before in SA.


The amount of artists that have walked through our front doors and went on to make a big success of themselves is amazing. We have had emerging musicians, graphic artists, designers and supported small businesses by having pop-up stores. Artists such as  Conrad Bo, from the super stroke movement, Chad Farah & Sarah Britten have all exhibited with us. Beukes & Deleney, Carrie Wolf  and  Paper Plan City are just some of the music success stories.


We created one of the larger graffiti walls this side of Jozi and we have come full circle. We started out with Mars (Who tagged the balconies upstairs) and we ended with him doing a live graffiti show on Heritage Day.


We have been revolutionary, we have been controversial, we were very vocal about the Fankies issue with Woolworth, we supported the 1%. We donated to the twitter Blanket Drive and other charities. We SURE had a lot of fun in the process.


We have been voted as one of the top 10 music venues & one of the top 10 café’s in Jozi, and for that and all our other accolades we are thankful & humbled. We’ve loved what we did and we loved that you were a part of it. The friends of oDD Café have been phenomenal. I have learnt so much from you all and have had lots of fun. It is very sad that I need to leave, but I am excited about the legacy I leave behind for oDD Café. So this is not my goodbye but rather my au revoir, as you will still often see me sipping my soy cappuccino in one of the best spots in Greenside.


Until next time,


Christina Patricios


Choc Musik

We know its freezing so to keep you warm and cozy we have created a hot chocolate with Nachtmusik,  sprinkled crushed biscuits on top. Indulge you senses. Smell the aroma. Taste comfort. Experience a delicious life.

Great reviews so far.

Choc musik

#ODDCafeCares with twitter blanket drive

Winter has officially arrived in SA and while we sip hot chocolate, cappuccino and and delicious warm soup others are freezing. oDD Cafe again will be involved with the Twitter Blanket Drive (@TBDAfrica) to spread some warmth to others more needy.



Spread the word at your home or office and collect as many blankets as possible.
Drop off the blankets between 26-29 May from 7am and 9pm.
Share pics of your donations using the hashtags, #ODDCafeCares and #TBD2014

Get a free cuppuccino for your effort

The #TBD2014 official handover of all blanket donations to the selected Non-Profit Organisations will take place on Thursday 29 May.

And thanks to you for caring and spreading the #ODDCafeCares

Life’s Delicious


oDD Cafe team



Tonight (23 October) for #AcousticWednesday from 19h00

Call 0114863631 for bookings

and “like their facebook page to get more updates on other gigs but this band

Acoustic Trio oDD Cafe

Ina Barkhuysen, A Fashionable Inspiration.

To champion local art and design is at the core of Odd Café’s personality. This involves the process of scouting for artists of all kind – musicians, painters, photographers, designers of all sorts. The artists are not only helped showcase their work but also, provided for them, is a meeting place for a cross pollination of ideas and/ or solitude – as the creative process may dictate. In this very regard, Odd Café hosts its inaugural Fashion Workshop featuring Ina Barkhuysen. Aged 71, with a generous dollop of style, she just finished her BA in Fashion Design and is set to move and shake the world of fashion and style in Joburg.

Barkhuysen is continuously flipping the model, as she did when she enrolled with London School of Fashion in Rosebank, Johannesburg4 years ago. She says fashion has always been a passion of hers and she remembers learning and loving to sew at a tender age of 13. That was in the 50s, the era when Christian Dior and Chanel ruled the global world of fashion and style. And yet for Barkhuysen, all these fashion houses have nothing on Giorgio Armani.  She is inspired by Armani’s elegance and classic lines and these influences are present in her work. “My work is classic and sways between social and formal. The point is to strike a balance between ornate and elegant, and, serviceable and comfortable.” For Barkhuysen, these are very important attributes that speak to the woman, especially the modern woman who oscillates between work, home and a vibrant social life. She says her work speaks to mature women from ages 30 and above although it may appeal to some younger women too. This means that her work is not only meant for model size women but the woman with curves too. Barkhuysen says that whenever a woman passes through a certain stage of her life: singledom, child bearing, mothering, the empty nest and the senior years, it is as if she is starting a new life altogether. Therefore, the rationale of her creative is to document the metamorphosis of woman throughout an entire lifetime.

The design house will be called Krizilys and the collection to be showcased is two-fold: Ebony & Ivory and Putting on the Ritz. Ebony & Ivory will feature a lot of classics in terms of dresses revolving around the LBD, except with a touch of ivory. Putting on the Ritz will be clothing that is event specific, that is, for cocktail and tea parties, for balls and other glamorous events. Her work will be showcased for the first time at a fashion workshop at Odd Café in Greenside. The workshop will consist of invited guests who will not only view the collection but also discuss what their opinion of the clothing is. Barkhuysen hopes that getting fashionistas together, and allowing for a cross pollination of ideas will enable her to better her fashion offering and to continuously be in touch with fashion loving women.

Being 71 and launching into fashion is not going to be without challenges but Barkhuysen is looking up with hope for a great launch into the cut throat fashion industry. With a multi-generational experience of fashion, Krizilys will take the fashion world by storm! More than that, Barkhuysen is the story of one such personality who continued to go after their passions even at a very mature age. It is the story of taking control of one’s own life and realising dreams and making every moment count. That is inspiration.

The Low Tea

Greenside’s Odd Café launched a Food Revolution called TASTE in Johannesburg starting with a ‘Low Tea’ last Sunday on the 11th March 2012.

Everything is done differently at Odd Café and the TASTE ‘Low Tea’ was no different. Dressing up the Odd Café food experience with the coarse natural provisions of Mother Nature, the Odd Café Low Tea was set on rustic reused tables. Using a wooden trolley from reclaimed Oregon pine and a concert of different textures including hessian sack, cotton and reclaimed wood, the Odd Café Low Tea was a tea ceremony that certainly altered many perceptions on food and presentation.

The story behind the Low Tea was one of redefining Taste by stripping right down to the essentials and building up from there, in the simplest and yet tasteful way possible. A selection of herbal teas was served from a garden with a selection of spices and fruits to complement the teas. There is no better way to savour not only the goodness but also the vitality of healthy herbal tea than simply making it straight from the plant yourself.

The dishes were twisted and turned around, as only Odd Café knows how to, to breath taking, drool-worthy dishes that made Twitter abuzz with the hashtag #OddCafeLowTea. Delectables included The Open Sandwich Royale: Rolled cucumber with mint and cottage cheese dusted with biltong, the piece de resistance Matcha Green Tea cake, a selection of flat breads, quiches, cheese pies, truffles… the list goes on!

The tweeps!

The pinnacle of the Odd Café Low Tea was not just the food but also the characters that shared in this ceremony. Many of whom are patrons and some of whom had been meaning to experience Odd Café and some who had not! In essence, some of our Twitter, Blogosphere and Facebook friends enjoyed the incredible work of Christina and her team. The Mad Hatter Tea Party has nothing on Christina’s Low Tea!

oDD Café welcomes an appellation of boutique wines

Greenside, Johannesburg, Wednesday, 31 August 2011: In a world where for every business mogul to own a wine estate is fashionable and supermarkets are making their own wines, finding good wine can be a daunting exercise. Step in, Appellation South Africa, the new kid on the block! Appellation South Africa (ASA) specialises on the distribution of fine wines from some of South Africa’s best boutique wine estates. In celebration of Spring, oDD Café will be hosting a wine tasting evening with ASA on September 1, 2011 from 18h30 to 19h30. That’s an even better reason to ditch that plonk at home!
Janine Lyn Sievers is the front runner of ASA. She is a wine connoisseur who studied wine making with Stellenbosch University and has been running the distribution company for 4 months now. ASA’s specialty is unique high end wines from small wineries. They distribute only one of each wine varietal within specific price brackets. An affordable Chardonnay would be the only Chardonnay in the affordable range, as would be a Shiraz in its respective bracket. “The concept behind Appellation South Africa is drawn from the tradition of wine appellation and in this regard, our wine selection criteria is fine wines from boutique estates,” says Janine.

For Spring day at oDD Café, ASA will engage patrons in a tasting of 4 varietals from 3 wine estates from Stellenbosch. These are Kleinood Farm’s Tamboerskloof Syrah, Uva Mira’s Sauvignon Blanc, Uva Mira’s Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon blend and Crystallum’s Chardonnay. These wine estates each possess a unique characteristic that is epitomized in their wines and distinctly separates them from the rest.

Tamboerskloof Syrah

Kleinood Farm houses multiple award winning wines that continue in the signature of South African winery. It stands out from other wine estates in its emphasis on winery design thanks to Gerard de Villiers, the winery design extraordinaire. He has worked with over 150 wineries including such reputable estates as Rupert & Rothschild, Graham Beck, Boschendal, Bellingham and Plaisir de Merle. It is therefore no surprise that the design of Kleinood Farm would be flagship. De Villiers’ design lies in the intercourse of cutting edge technology and centuries old French tradition; all in the backdrop of simplicity. Because of this genius, he has been contracted to work on the design of such international wineries like Nyetimber Estate in the UK and Gusbourne Estate in Kent. It is in this ‘mise-en-scene’ that the Tamboerskloof Syrah is produced. This elegant wine has scooped awards locally and internationally in the UK and the USA. With a John Platter Wine Guide rating of 4 ½ stars, the Syrah is a certified pleasure to drink.

Uva Mira Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon

Uva Mira is perched high on the Helderberg Mountains of Stellenbosch. This high altitude setting ensures their elegant reds and aromatic whites. Here, new world meets family tradition in the partnership of estate owner Denise Weener and youthful winemaker and viticulturalist, Matthew van Heerden. The inspiration of Uva Mira’s wines lies in the picturesque setting of the estate with 360 degree views of Table Mountains and Robben Island. Against this backdrop, the Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon are produced. With numerous accolades to their name, including the Michelangelo Grand d’Or award, Uva Mira wines are indeed a celebration of elevation.


The Crystallum brand boasts of superlative hand crafted wines that reflect estate owners Andrew and Peter-Allan Finlayson and the territory on which the estate rests.With just over 4,000 bottles released in their first vintage selection in 2007 under the banner Walker Bay wine of origin, Crystallum bring a new dimension to winery.

Crystallum Chardonnay

The young wine estate has been an active participant in Wine Cellar Tastings in Cape Town, whose chosen favourites set the trends in wine making. With acclaimed attention to detail, Crystallum is part of the young wine estates that will ruffle feathers as they question, “…do we really need a textbook to make wine?” The Crystallum Chardonnay is part of their 2008 vintage collection in which resides also the Pinot Noir and the Sauvignon Blanc. Because Crystallum sources their berries from high altitude Elgin, one can expect an aromatic chardonnay. What a way to welcome spring!

Four wines to usher in the beautiful weather, all in the comfort of delicious food, Spring day will undoubtedly be memorable at oDD Café. Patrons will be able to order their wines through Christina or Janine.