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Exterior of oDD Cafe

Media contacts: For interviews or to taste the food at Odd Café or for a media visit or interview phone Christina Patricios on 083 326 2229 or email


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July 2014 – Top 10 Cafe’s in Joburg

Odd Café in Greenside is definitely a cool place to meet up with a friend to chat over a cup of coffee, just look for the building with the trendy graffiti all over it! They offer a comfortable space with a unique and funky design to sit back, relax and enjoy a bite to eat. This spot also been named one of Joburg’s top live music venues. Their menu is filled with all-day breakfasts, paninis, toasted sandwiches, burgers and something sweet if you’re just looking for a treat. I definitely love the Chocolate Fudge Dream Cake!

06 May 2014 – Snake Eye Comix Launch

oDD Café  is again at the cutting edge of trends. A current trend is Comics, comic books and comic apps.  According to Fast Company – “The rise of digital comics, a format ideally suited to tablets and mobile devices, propelled an upstart at the fringes of a fringe industry to the #3 grossing iPad app, responsible for over 50 million downloads last year alone.” is South Africa’s first comic book app. It’s developer and artist Johann Hattingh was on 702 with Jenny Crwys-Williams. Listen to the interveiw on this link.


30 January 2012 – Odd Cafe Ushers in 2012

The rise and rise of the underdog to make a difference within their sphere of influence was the order of last year. In Egypt, Tunisia, London, Israel and Iraq, revolutions made the year and even in 2012, change continues to be the pulse of life globally. In the same spirit, Odd Café ushers in 2012.


12 November 2011 – Greg Carling and Zahn Rust, “Cultural Landscapes, Personal Elements”

Two emerging local artists, Zahn Rust and Greg Carlin, premier their work at oDD Café with express the inner and outer landscapes of urban life. The two artists show ironic ties between their works through a contrast of their individual styles and medium through to their surprisingly similar result. Rust and Carlin will exhibit their work in the art space at oDD Café on November 12th, 2011 from 18h00.


22 October 2011 – Odd Cafe Celebrates Understated Revolutions

The Arab Spring has captured the news headlines and the worlds imagination, as has the #occupy movement which is currently making noise. But what of the quiet revolutions that transform arts, culture, and music?


24 March 2011 – “Pop Goes Your Culture” art show on at Odd Cafe.

From the Beatles to John Lennon, Lady Gaga to Elvis Pressley, Madonna and the Looney Tunes, celebrity and popular culture is becoming an integral part of society and life. Up and coming artist Chad Farah’s visual expression of how humanity lauds cultural icons is premiering at Odd Café in Greenside, Johannesburg and will be on show to the public until the end of April 2011.


21 January 2011 – Odd Café reinvents interior design.

Playful use of culture, adaptive re-use, recycling and the championing of local art creates an intriguing and definitive look for Odd Café that gets people talking and puts Greenside’s newest eatery come art house come café on the map.


12 January 2011 – Greenside’s massive graffiti.

People moving through Greenside can’t help but noticed a massive piece of graffiti situated just above Shop 1 on 116 Greenway Street in that suburb famous for its side walk cafes, gourmet eating spots and creative retailers. The piece of street art which is causing people to stop and stare includes the messages “be yourself”; “life’s delicious” and “be different.” The graffiti stretches over a building and is some three stories tall.


03 November 2010 – New art movement’s luminaries showcased at Odd Café.

Leading local artists who are forging a bold, expansive new art movement will showcase their work at Odd Café in Greenside Johannesburg on Saturday 06 November 2010 from 10h00. Created by Conrad Bo in 2008 the Superstroke Art Movement is gaining attention because of the distinctive, expressive and at times violent brushstrokes used in some of the artwork.


23 October 2010 – Odd Café Greenside opens doors

Greenside’s new Odd Café delivers a delicious life created by an infusion of tastes, sights and sounds through café culture, comfort food with a twist, new taste explosions, as well as showcasing emerging art and music.


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